Tonight it came new snow in competition area of World Cup, JWOC and EYOC in Ivanovo. That’s why some tracks were not renewed in the moment of the start. Participants took mass start on the long race by classes. Distance was consisted of 3 loops.

Eduard Khrennikov came to the map changing point at first position, but during second loop race-leader had changed. Swedish Tomas Lofgren after yesterday victory had serious ambitions for the gold. He maintains a little gap from other athletes on the last loop and finished at the first place. In thirty five seconds after that four competitors took part in the fight for the silver and bronze. As the result – all places on the podium occupied Swedes. Russian Eduard Khrennikov became only the 5th. He said after the finish: “It was very long and hard race – about 27km, especially in such weather conditions. It was snowing, the ice on the lake melted, so there was too much water on the track. In 50meters before last control point I fell down and lost my second position.” Kongas Teemu from Finland, which was on the 4th position yesterday, have a sixth time today.

The women race was intensive too. The leaders of the race were changing from loop to loop. Tatiana Vlasova had very good result after the first part of the distance, her main rival Stine Hjermstad Kirkevik was right behind. On the second loop Tatiana had the control point, which was much higher on the slope than Stine`s control point. It was impossible to catch up Stine after it. So, Kirkevik took her regularly victory in World Cup race in this season. Vlasova crossed the finish line in 34 seconds after. Hannele Valkonen has good shape during these competitions, today she took bronze. Two Russians, Dergach Elena and Tomilova Natalia, with a company of Finn Anttila Liisa are in the top women six.

In men junior race two first places without changes from yesterday. Lamov Andrey with a 4 minutes gap won the second gold medal in this Championship and his team-mate Kashchuk Taras became second again. In five seconds behind him was Norwegian Daehli Magne.

Swedish and Russian women reserved top six in class W20. Yesterday silver medalist Kravchenko Anastasia - new Junior World Champion on the long distance: “I was only the second after Tatiana Kozlova before the last loop. I was afraid to make a mistake and didn’t move fast. Tatiana was in forward and I lost sight of her. She made a mistake and I came to the finish earlier. ”Eva Svensson achieved bronze medal for Sweden.

In youth categories five medals of six possible gone to Russians. Lyapsina Nadezhda repeat her gold performance, Andriyanov Anatolyi add the gold to his yesterday’s silver.

1 place-M17 Nordstrem Gustav.JPG
1 place-M20 Lamov Andrey.JPG
1 place-M21 Lofgren Tomas.JPG
1 place-W17 Lyapsina Nadezhda.JPG
1 place-W20 Kozlova Tatiana.JPG
1 place-W21 Vlasova Tatiana.JPG
2 place-M17 Andriyanov Anatoliy.JPG
2 place-M20 Kashchuk Taras.JPG
2 place-M21 Leandersson Bengt.JPG
2 place-W17 Medvedeva Tatiana.JPG
2 place-W20 Shilova Maria.JPG
2 place-W21 Hjermstad Kikevik Stine.JPG
3 place-M17 Magnusson Carl.JPG
3 place-M20 Taivainen Olle-Markus.JPG
3 place-W17 Nordebo Kristina.JPG
3 place-W20 Kravchenko Anastasia.JPG
3 place-W21 Shevchenko Olga.JPG
3place-M21 Osipov Sergey.JPG
4 place-M20 Grape Calle.JPG
4 place-M21 Tunis Staffan.JPG
4 place-W20 Malchikova Polina.JPG
5 place-M20 Salatkin Alexander.JPG
5 place-W21 Rajaniemi Katja.JPG
6 place-M21 Gritsan Ruslan.JPG
6 place-W20 Eva Svensson.JPG
6 place-W21 Shvetsova Svetlana.JPG
6 place-W21 Valkonen Hannele.JPG
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Kozlova Tatiana.JPG
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